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Is there any Monkey in Monkey Gland Sauce?

No, despite its name, Monkey Gland Sauce does not contain any actual monkeys or their glands. The name is mean't as a playful "tongue in cheek" by its originator. The sauce's origin was developed in South Africa during the 1930s by a chef named Alfredo Marconi. Marconi, a trained french chef," was the head chef at the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg and took offense on how the local South African's would add Chutney, Worcestershire , Ketchup and other ingredients to his perfectly seasoned french dishes. He then decided to create a sauce to meet their pallets which is a sweet, tangy and slightly spicy accompaniment for grilled meats and named it to be playful and humorous. .

In reality, Monkey Gland Sauce is a combination of ingredients: onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce (ketchup), mustard, chutney and a touch of malt vinegar. The sauce is sweet, tangy, slightly spicy and savory, with a flavor profile that complements grilled meats. While the name might evoke curiosity or confusion, rest assured that Monkey Gland Sauce is a delicious condiment made with ordinary ingredients and does not contain any monkey-related components.

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