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Sauces & Seasonings

Peri Peri

Peri-peri (PIRR-ee-PIRR-ee) is a Portuguese style of marinating and serving sauce that is used bird’s eye chili pepper for spice and flavor. It was originally introduced by Portuguese explorers in former Southern African territories, particularly Mozambique and its border regions with South Africa, and then spread to other Southern African countries.


Cape Malay

Cape Malays are a Muslim community or ethnic group in South Africa. They are the descendants of enslaved and free Muslims from different parts of the world who lived at the Cape during Dutch and British rule. Among other influences they had on South African culture was their influence on food. Bringing a combination of Indian style curry but sweetened with local fruits and chutney's. Cape Malay dishes such as Bobotie, Sosaties, koeksisters, Berdie can be found in just about every home. Cape Malay sauce is a richly layered sweet curry sauce (not spicy) curry, graham marsala, garlic, ginger apricots, raisins, mango chutney and other other spices. Great for marinating meats and/or grilling. Goes well on rice, meats and even as a dipping sauce for french fries.


Safari BBQ Sauce

Safari BBQ Sauce (aka Monkey Gland Sauce) has its origins in South Africa. It has been featured as a restaurant item since the 1930s becoming a South African restaurant and fast food staple condiment. It is a thick, sweet and tangy sauce and dark in colour. It is typically served as a topping for grilled steaks or burgers, but is also used as a marinade, a dipping sauce for onion rings and fries, or on roasted potatoes. 


Despite its name, the sauce does not contain any monkey glands. The name originated with French chefs at the old Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg. South African diners added sauces such as chutney, tomato sauce, and Worcester sauce to the French dishes before eating it. Thus, the disgruntled chefs combined all the condiments to create a sauce which they named monkey gland sauce. We changed the3 name in America to Safari BBQ Sauce to suite American culture.


From the Press


“Finally something new and different!”


Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness

“Imaginative and innovative. Love the food!”


The Food Reporter

“Authentic, fresh and attention to the delicate flavours produced in SouthAfrican food. ”

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